Here’s How Stress Affects Your Teeth

Here’s How Stress Affects Your Teeth

In this age, stress has become almost inevitable. Unjust politics, corruption, peer pressure, family issues, excess work load and so many other similar issues cause a person to take stress. You might be thinking that stress can only lead to health issues such as a higher blood pressure or neck pains. However, you would be surprised to know that stress is also related to dental issues. Are you wondering how? Let us explain.

1) Grinding Teeth

A person in stress is likely to grind his or her teeth. This often happens when the person is in sleep and is doing this unintentionally and without even knowing (also known as bruxism). Eventually, this leads to tooth wear, cracked or even broken teeth.

2) Stress Eating

A person in stress is likely to neglect his or her oral hygiene. People tend to eat more during stressful times. An increased craving for sugary foods has been observed in such cases and obviously, this is harmful for oral health.

3) Mouth Ulcers

Stress is one of the major factors that contribute towards mouth ulcers. These unpleasant ulcers are ultimately an invitation for bacteria to come and cause an infection.

4) Gum Diseases

Stress directly affects a person’s immune system and weakens it. The body now finds it difficult to fight against bacteria. This allows diseases like Periodontitis and Gingivitis to develop.

5) Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD)

A person who regularly grinds and clenches teeth due to stress may develop TJMD. This is a serious disorder that might even need the patient to wear a mouth guard or go for other high-end dental treatments.

Here’s what you can do about it:

Taking care of oneself is extremely important. Stress isn’t simply a physical pain that will go away with one painkiller. You, as a patient, will have to take steps towards becoming stress-free on your own. By taking out some time each day and following our simple suggestions, you can easily reduce your stress.

1) Smile More

Did you know that smiling causes the release of endorphins (body’s happy chemical) into the body? This simple non-time consuming physical act can bring you a little happiness each day. Try it out now!

2) Drink More Water

Water is the best way to keep you hydrated throughout the day. This means less headaches and a reduced feeling of being under stress. Oh and make sure that you stay away from drinks like alcohols! Although assumed that they can help relieve stress, they only leave a negative impact on the human body instead.

3) Relax a Bit

Give yourself a little break from your hectic schedule. Sit down or lie down for a while and close your eyes. Let your muscles relax. Imagine visiting your dream holiday location. Feel the vibe and we assure you, you will feel relieved.

4) Breathe

If you ever feel really stressful all of a sudden, try taking deep breaths. This simple activity can leave a soothing effect even if it is only done for a few minutes.

The dental experts here at Rye Dental have many more suggestions for you. Come visit us now for a healthy oral life!

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