Three Things You Could Do to Lift up Your Look Instantly

Three Things You Could Do to Lift up Your Look Instantly

Are you close to a big event or occasion that you have been waiting for ever since? Are you worried about your smile and overall appearance? Do you want to lift up your look and stand out amongst your peers? If yes, stop worrying now because we have three simple and fast suggestions for you.

1) Teeth Whitening

Here at Rye Dental, we offer several kinds of teeth whitening, depending on our patient’s requirements. If you want to smile freely, without worrying about a yellow layer covering up your teeth and leaving a negative impression of you, you should definitely consider getting this treatment.

2) Anti-Ageing Treatments

The dermal filler treatments here at Rye Dental help our clients attain a refreshing look all together. Be in men or women, no one likes to have a face full of wrinkles that make one appear older. We understand that completely and help our clients in reducing their wrinkles or frowns. Our treatment will help you in not only appearing but also feeling younger!

3) Deep Clean / AirFlow Air Polishing

A short visit to your dental hygienist will always pay off. Our AirFlow air polishing treatment involves giving your teeth a gently steam of water, air, and dental powder. Together, these substances will help remove stains, plaque and even tartar from your teeth. The powder that we use fills in all minute gaps between your teeth. This means that this treatment will not only clean your teeth but will also make them whiter and stronger.

Such treatments can help a patient brighten up his or her smile and also get rid of any excess bacteria present within the mouth.

The expert team here at Rye Dental definitely has a lot more suitable options for you. If you ever need a last-minute treatment (or even a makeover), you can stop by our office and our team will make sure to come up with the best solution for you.

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