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If you have a missing tooth (or multiple missing teeth), you might want to consider getting dentures. Dentures are custom-built replacements for missing teeth. They can be put inside the mouth and then taken out by the patient easily.

Dentures not only fill in space, but also help a patient by improving the smile and in turn, the overall appearance. Support from dentures can prevent sagging so you don’t  look older. However, although assumed that only elderly people wear dentures, people from all age brackets have started to use them over the past few years.

The dentures designed by technicians for  Rye Dental Practice are easy to get used to and are more natural appearing than usual. We offer two different kinds of dentures:

Classic Dentures

Classic Dentures are usually considered to be the most hygienic ones. These are built using Acrylic or Metal and are easier to adapt to. They are custom designed in a way that they fit into the patient’s mouth. Often, these dentures might have attachments to other teeth for the sake of support.  

Flexible Dentures

These are comparatively harder to break and more comfortable in terms of wearing. They are a little more flexible and might suit you better.

However, dentures are only a temporary solution. If regularly taken care of, dentures can last up to a few years. If not, they are likely to break down soon.

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