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General Dentistry

Yes, we agree that dental treatments can be quite expensive at times. This is exactly why we suggest all our patients to visit us regularly for their Dental Exams. Most serious issues do not show any clear symptoms until it is too late and in such cases, people are often forced to opt for expensive last-minute treatments.

If you wish to avoid such cases, you should regularly visit your dentist. With the help of the latest dental technology at Rye Dental, our experts who have years of experience will be able to diagnose any problems in their early stages.

Our dental exam includes:

  • Ensuring that your gums and teeth are healthy
  • Joint and Muscles examination
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Dental X-rays

Once the exam is completed, the dentist discusses all the results with the patient.


Our experts are always happy to answer any possible questions or ambiguities that the patient may have.  After all, the aim of every one at Rye Dental is to make more and more people smile each day!

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